Metalian Camper Australia, Camper Trailer

Metalian Campers Australia (MCA)

MCA has started the imports of Metalian Series into Australia Recently. We are in Newcastle NSW. We have a long-standing reputation for quality outdoor adventure vehicle imports. As part of the Multinational Global Camper Trailer brands, we decided to continue imports of Metalian Campers to an adventure thirsty destination. We offer world-class service and customer service to our valued customers. Our mission is to make camping fun and hassle-free for all.


About Metalian Campers

Due to the extreme weather conditions which can be unforgiving, you need a quality trailer that is reliable and durable enough to handle non-negotiable requirements. The monocoque design makes the Metalian trailer unique and the best off-road trailer in South Africa. The trailer is engineered to perfection and very functional.

For the first time in 2018, Metalian took part in the “Camper Trailer of the Year” competition, held in Australia. Taking 3rd place, the Metalian Maxi trailer made quite an impression on the judges and stood firm amongst some of the toughest competitors. Metalian again competed in the “Camper Trailer of the Year” competition in 2019 and this time the Parthian took home the crown.

Metalian off-road camper trailers are not just made for extreme adventurer junkies, but also for families who want to enjoy the weekend in the outdoors. The modern design and application of best practices in engineering really make the Metalian trailer one that will last a lifetime.